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Tønsberg Medieval Festival takes place 1. – 4. June 2023 on a hilltop in the middle of Norway’s oldest town. Below the ruins of a once majestic fortress, a medieval encampment buzzing with artisans, performers and traders emerges for the occasion. An extensive programme of juggling shows, theatre, music and tournaments greet visitors from morning til midnight. Last year 11000 people visited the festival that attracts artists and marketeers from all over Europe.

The festival has a very family friendly profile and program during the day and an equally adult friendly profile in the night time when most of the action is centered round the main tent.

250 volunteers, 150 marketpeople and 200 artists populate the area  together with 10 horses and an odd assortment of other animals.

Welcome to an eclectic and colorful celebration of the city’s rich history.




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